Ethera Gold 2.5 Snapshot Presets

Please remember to install the Snapshot Presets!

The video below details how to install the Snapshot Presets on Windows and MAC. Please refer to the PDF Manual for details on how to manually install the Snapshot Presets if you have any issues with the automatic installer.

If prompted open Settings - Security & Privacy and click 'Open Anyway' to run the Snapshot Preset installer on Mac.

If you are using Windows, Microsoft One Drive must be disabled before installing the Ethera Gold 2.5 Snapshot Presets.

Or if you are using Microsoft One Drive and do not want to disable One Drive, please install the file below. This installer enables you to install the Snapshot presets and keep using Microsoft One Drive.

If after disabling Microsoft One Drive, you still have issues with not being able to load the Snapshot Presets, please click on the link below to view our help guide.
Snapshot Presets Windows Issue PDF

If you are upgrading but you are using a previous version of Ethera Gold (V1 OR V2) in your current projects, please DO NOT delete or remove the previous version. Ethera Gold 2.5 uses a new folder structure to previous versions.
If you are upgrading but you are not using a previous version of Ethera Gold in your projects, you can delete your old Ethera Gold folder.

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