How to Import Apple Loops and EXS24 Sampler Files into Logic Pro?

Many of our libraries are supplied in multiple formats. You can check which formats your library is supplied in on the right-hand side "Format" box, on each product page.

When using sample libraries in Logic Pro, the most popular methods would be using the Apple Loops in the Logic Loop Browser or using the EXS24 samples in the EXS24 Sampler, inside of Logic Pro.
Using the Apple Loops will allow for you to simply demo and drag & drop samples into your project, whereas the EXS24 Sampler will allow for you to trigger the samples with a MIDI keyboard - allowing for you to trigger the samples in manually.

To import the Apple Loops:

  1. Launch Logic Pro if it isn't already running.
  2. View Logic's loop browser by selecting Show Loop Browser from the Control Menu. (Note: In most cases, your loops browser will already be open anyway)
  3. Move the Logic window temporarily by clicking the round green (+) button in the upper-left window area.
  4. Open a Browser window on your Mac and locate the folder which contains the sample library's Apple Loops folder. Then drag the folder with the loops you want to use - or any individual loop you wish to import, into Logic's loop browser.
  5. When the round "+" copy symbol appears over the loop browser, release the mouse button.
  6. Logic automatically imports the loops to your library. You can choose to either keep the samples where they are on your computer, or you can select the option to move the files into the Apple Loops folder. At Time+Space we store all of our sound libraries on a second hard drive - to free up space, so I select to keep the samples where they are on my computer. (Note: Wait for the "import" window to disappear, Logic takes a little time to update its loops catalogue.)

To import into the EXS24 Sampler:
Please follow these Instructions to install the EXS24 instruments and Samples onto your Macintosh computer.

  1. Drag and drop the sample library's EXS24 Instruments folder into the "Sampler Instruments" folder located at HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/.
  2. Drag and drop the sample library's Acidized Wav Files folder into the Sampler Files folder located at HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples.

That's it! Next time you launch the EXS24 as an instrument in Logic, your new instruments will appear in the Instruments list.

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