Installing and Authorizing Eventide Plug-ins

Before You Begin

You will need:

1. Serial Number & License Key

You can access your Eventide serial number and download link in your Zero-G customer account.

Please note, from the serial email you are sent from us. It will come in the following format;

SN: SP-****** KEY: ****-****-****

SN: stands for serial number

KEY: stand for licence key

When registering to the Eventide website, your serial code is SP-******, and your licence key is ****-****-****

2. Eventide Account

3. User ID & License Manager

  • If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free by visiting
  • Download and install the free iLok License Manager to activate and manage your plug-in licenses.

Registering Your Plug-in with Eventide

  1. Register your plug-in using your Eventide account, iLok user ID, serial number and license key.

Activating Your Plug-in

  1. Find your plug-in license in the iLok License Manager and activate it on your computer.
  2. Download the plug-in installer and run it on the same computer as your DAW and iLok License Manager.
  3. Launch your DAW. If you do not see the plug-in, you may need to configure your DAW and rescan.